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Visible Spanish™ Online Course Features

The Visible Spanish™ philosophy of online language learning is based on the following features

  • Less is More

    Each Visible Spanish™ online lesson is based on the mastery of twelve visual images, the basis for the “task-based” learning experiences that accelerate your conversational Spanish skills in each lesson.

  • Three Track Approach

    Visible Spanish™ lessons are comprised of three defined tracks – Learning, Practice and Assessment. These clearly defined tracks help you to master the material presented, and keep track of your progress.

  • Grammar Glimpses

    Visible Spanish™ imbeds simple, clear explanations of Spanish grammar -- Grammar Glimpses – throughout each lesson. These small doses of structure provide you with manageable amounts of Spanish grammar to practice and master within the framework of each lesson.

  • Review and Repetition

    Visible Spanish™ provides you with multiple opportunities to review and practice previously learned vocabulary and structures. Each lesson flows into the next lesson, as you learn new material while reviewing concepts already presented throughout the course.

  • Reinforcement

    Visible Spanish™ focuses on the acquisition of conversational skills, however, you will also practice writing, reading and listening in a variety of activities in each lesson, which serve to reinforce your Spanish conversation skills.

  • Learning Games

    Learning to speak another language should be joyful and painless. Visible Spanish™ provides you with an array of language learning games which make practicing and applying your new skills fun.

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